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Categories of evidence for divorce

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Categories of evidence for divorce
When lawyers represent divorce disputes, the following aspects are generally required to be summarized for understanding the whole case.
1. The basic information about marriage: including a pre-marital acquaintance, marriage registration, and both parties’ marital history.
2. Mutual affection of the spouses: Including relationship development of the spouses, conflicts between them, the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage (change of mutual affection), mediation, whether there is any possibility that the relationship can be recovered.
3. Child support: including the age of the child, who has been taking care the child, the current status of the child, the willingness of the child of whom to stay with in the case of the divorce of the parents (if the child is more than ten years old), the opinion of the parents regarding who would like to raise the child and the ability of them to raise the child;  whether any parent has any other child to raise or whether there are  any other step-children, adopted children or children born out of wedlock, whether there are  any negative factors for one parent to raise the child.
4. Community property: information about personal property, community property, personal debts, marital debts, whether there is any written agreement regarding property ownership, property status, whether there is any concealment or transfer of community property or any likelihood that community property could be concealed or transferred. 
5. The current attitude of both parties to the divorce.
6. Procedural circumstances involving divorce cases: whether one or both parties have filed for divorce before, whether there was any reconciliation or court ruling, whether the female is in the situation of pregnancy, during the period of suspension of pregnancy, or during the 6-month restricted period forbidding to file for divorce.
The aforesaid aspects are only the general information of the divorce case; all detailed information of the case shall also be discussed with the lawyer.

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