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The Key Points for preparing the list for joint properties, credits, and debts

  • Time:2018-01-05
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The Key Points for preparing the list for joint properties, credits, and debts 
It seems that a list is simple, in fact, it’s just as complicated as the marriage, for example, for listing the information of a house that purchased during the marriage, the information of the house shall be more than just the address of the house and the size of it. Generally, information like when the house was purchased, how much it cost them, the current market value estimated, the source of the payment, how it was paid, whether there is any loan, how the loan is being paid off, the balance of the loan, when the certificate was obtained, who has been living in the house, the opinion of the party regarding the disposition of the house, etc., all the aforementioned information is needed by the court, it will save a lot of time for both the parties and the judge to understand the information of property. 
In some circumstances, a chart might be necessary for clarifying the story or the situations. For example, for the source of the fund for house purchasing, it could be very complicated about where the fund came from and where it went to. In order to illustrate that the source of the fund was the personal property before marriage, the claimant shall give a clear chart of cash flow, especially when the money came from the selling of some pre-marital house or something like that. The specific name of the bank involved and transaction details shall also be specified with detailed information for illustrating and supporting the whole story. Another example about the property is shares are owned by one party of a company or a partnership. A chart of the shareholding or interests of such entity is also necessary so that the judge may understand how much one party owes exactly against other shareholders/partners who also invested in the company. 

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