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Information needed for claiming marriage has broken down

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Information needed for claiming marriage has broken down
For claiming marriage breakdown, the attorney needs to know the following information and to collect related evidence supporting these facts:
1. When the two parties got to know each other and how they were met;
2. When the two parties established their intimate relationship between them.
3.  Engagement time and marriage registration time.
4.  Changes of their mutual affection, the way how the relationship was changed and the reasons or events affecting the change of mutual affections.
5. The main dispute and the reason why a mutual divorce agreement cannot be reached.
6. The reason that the relationship between the husband and wife has been irrecoverably broken down.
7. The goals that the client wants to achieve.
For claiming the marriage has broken down, the attorney may collect evidences as shown below:
1. Witness testimony collected from neighbors, friends, colleagues if obtained;
2.   Police records, medical inspection record, the hospital's record and other evidence of domestic violence.
3.  Divorce agreement, e-mail, letters, and short messages.
4. If the other party is living with another, collect related evidence of such extramarital affairs.
5.  Other evidence that proves the breakdown of marriage
 "Domestic violence" refers to the behavior that the perpetrator causes certain physical or mental harm to his family members by assaulting, battery, confining the family members or other means alike.
 "Living with another" means that a spouse having an extramarital affair lives with another in a stable manner as if the other is his or her spouse.
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