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How to collect evidence against the other party for child custody as a mother: The male is always in

  • Time:2018-01-05
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How to collect evidence against the other party for child custody as a mother
The male is always in a relatively strong position in the society. Therefore, in divorce proceedings, the psychological pressure of the woman will be greater than that the father. As a mother, the following evidence could be collected:
1. If the child is within two years of age, the child will usually be decided to live with the mother. The main reason is that children are still in early childhood, mothers may give a more thoughtful care.
2. If the child is more than two years of age, but if the mother has done a sterilization operation, or loss of fertility and the father did not while the difference between the father's age and the mother's age is not great, then the child is more likely to be sentenced to the mother;
3. The child has been living with the mother;
4. The father has extramarital affairs which may affect the life of the child;
5. The father has bad habits, such as gambling, alcohol abuse as such bad habits would have a negative impact on children's growth.
6. If all the conditions are equal, but the mother has more time to take care of the child.

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